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Top Three Tips On Writing Productivity

"How can I become an effective writer when my life is so busy?"

Every writer has asked this question at one point in their life. Or brushed it aside by saying, "I will write more when my schedule clears up." Guess what? Your life will probably never slow down to where you are not "busy." 

So how does the novice (or pro) writer find the time and space to write, and more than that, write well? Below are three fantastic tips that I hope you find as helpful as I do. 

Tip #1- Make Time to Write 

The number one tip I could give anyone struggling to complete a writing goal is - make time to write. Set a reminder for your set writing time. When it goes off, push everything aside and write. You should do this. Every. Single. Day.

Realistically, you may have to skip a session here or there, but you should always get back on track as soon as possible. Writing takes discipline. Don't wait for inspiration to come, seek it out. Grab it by the throat and force yourself to write. 

Tip #2- Find a Writing Space

Most of our lives are filled with hustle and bustle. Kids that need to be put to bed, spouses that want to talk, dogs barking, cars zooming, teapots whistling. With all that noise and clutter it can feel impossible to even think about writing. That is why it is so important to carve out a little corner of the universe for yourself. 

Is your house insane? Go to your favorite park and write. Do you live in a big city? Keep your desk clean and pleasant for writing. I myself have written many places, and there are pros and cons to them all (don't write in a tree unless you are okay with your computer falling) but the main objective is to find something that works for you. If all else fails, you can always seek refuge in that ancient and loved haven for words- the library. 

Tip #3- Be Okay With Poor Writing

Like I said in tip number one, the most important thing about writing is to just write. Even if everything you write is rubbish, you can always edit your style, grammar, and word choice later. Remember, at the end of the day it is better to throw one's hands up and exclaim "All I wrote was trash today!" than "I wrote nothing!"

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