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Thinking About The Sacred Heart

Since it is the month consecrated to the Sacred Heart, I wanted to write down a thought I had. Interestingly enough, it started in my university's science class.

I am currently learning about cell theory and division, and I think it is staggeringly beautiful. To think that each human was once nothing more than a single cell tucked gently away in their mother's womb! Two haploid cells coming together to create one single diploid cell. Two people coming together to create an entirely new person.

We were all once a single cell- but that cell possessed the entirety of a human soul. It probably looked indistinguishable from one of your stem cells today, but instead of being only a part of you, it was you in your entirety. You had to copy and divide yourself in order to grow. At one moment, your organelles were in a sense your organs.

To think about a person being a single cell is to say the acorn is the oak. A creature too small to see is amazingly human even without a full human body.

Think of what this means about our Lord! At one moment the creator of all made Himself so small He was invisible to the naked eye. He truly knows what it is to be small, for He turned Himself into the smallest of human creatures.

As God Himself began to grow in the womb of Mary, the DNA of Christ doubled in cell division until it began to shape into something more recognizable. Protein creating organelles creating cells making tissue making Christ.

As the child formed, so did His heart. In a miraculous moment, creation stood still as God's human heart beat for the first time. The same heart that would be pierced by a Roman spear! The heart that would burst under the pressure of the cross. Whose love for us caused Him to cry out in pain.

Imagine what Mary felt as God's heart began to beat inside her.

Oh holy heart of Jesus, keep us in your love.

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13 juin

So wonderful starting my day reading the Sacred Heart. Thank you!

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