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House Lights at Dusk

Updated: Jan 11

Between the dim and dusky trees

When somber sunset falls away

A flicker of light from a nearby house

Brings comfort in the waning day

I know that inside old dogs sleep

With slow, grayed, tails thumping on the floor

And late conversations of murmured chatter

Carry on in friendly languor

There might be children sneaking down the stair

To eavesdrop on the grown up speech

Giggling at being out of bed

Before nodding off to dreamy sleep

Later, their parents will find them there

When all the guests have gone away

And take them to their little rooms

Until the sun wakes up the day

But outside the moon is rising high

And I must get to hearth and home

But I have the company of my thoughts

And a window light of my own

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