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Lilah Lyons


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Hello There

I'm Lilah P. Lyons

Welcome to Lit By Lilah, where I share my passion for literature and writing! As an author, I write children’s books, fiction, and poetry. I’m also a fan of classical authors and find inspiration in nature and my Christian faith.

My goal is to create stories that will engage, and captivate my readers, no mater their age. I hope my work will encourage people to think about life in greater depth and inspire them to find the beauty in the world around them.

Good Writing Means...

Good writing puts life on display. Humans were born to create-  and to change the world with their inventions. Humanity's gift of creation is a God given right. Oppress it, and humans will be oppressed. Allow it to flourish, and humans will flourish.


believe literature, like other art forms, should capture the core of life under the sun. By upholding truth, beauty, and goodness, even seemingly insignificant writing can change how people think about the world.


Whether it's a poem, a novel, or a children's book, fiction should leave us with shiny grains of insight into what it means to be alive. 

Support Me on Patreon

As an indie author, I rely on the generous support of my readers to continue creating stories. If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon. Your contribution will help me to write more and keep creating. Thank you for your support!

Lilah Lyons, lit by lilah, Lilah
Lilah Lyons, Lilah, Lyons, Lit By Lilah


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Lilah Lyons, Lilah, Lyons, Lit By Lilah
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